Idea on how to beat a rigged claw machine

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Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:46 am

I had an idea (note that I have not tested this idea) on how to beat a rigged claw machine.

A good strategy on rigged claw machines is to go for a prize as close to the prize chute as possible. If the claw drops the prize, there is a chance it could fall into the prize chute.

However, I had an idea to take this strategy even further. Perhaps try the swing technique to drop the claw and go for a prize near the prize chute, but try to drop the claw when the gantry is as far over the prize chute as you can, while having the claw not get stuck on the edge of the prize chute.

The idea is that when the claw goes back up, the claw will be farther over the prize chute when it loosens, increasing the chances of the prize falling in even if the machine is not ready to pay out.

On rigged claw machines the claw does often grab at full strength before loosening, so even if it is not a very good grab, it still might pick it up.

I am curious on if this could be a good strategy to beat the payout rate on a rigged claw machine. Next time I play a claw machine that is rigged, if there is a gettable prize near the prize chute, I probably am going to try this.

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Allen K
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Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:18 am

Great idea and is definitely worth trying. Might be tough, but certainly doable.

Allen K

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