No More Good Claw Machines in Ventura =(

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Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:45 pm

Well, I stopped by two of the claw machine today and the claw has definitely been changed on the one at Denny's. =(

It now rocks crazily from all sides whenever you move it - even waiting for the time to run down after positioning it doesn't make it stop rocking uncontrollably.

I did win a snake on the second try, but only out of sheer luck, I believe. It was just next to the prize chute and it was alone and should have been easy to grab, but the grab on the claw is not as powerful as when I first started playing this machine. It is different.

I would have tried for more prizes that looked easy to grab, but with the grab being soo weak AND the crane rocking like it's had too much caffeine, I just didn't want to waste my money trying. It's really sad that the profits earned from claw machines go to replacing the claws with unfair claws instead of restocking the machines.

The one at Coco's is also different - I don't know that it has been changed, but every time it drops now, it spins wildly and the claw prongs go WAAAY out to the sides. And the grab is also much much less powerful than it was the last time I visited.

Another thing - my playing claw machines in this area may have only alerted the owners that they weren't stocking their machines properly. The plush used to be just tossed every which way, but now every single piece has an arm or limb or tail or whatever jammed beneath another plush and it is very hard to come across any that are actually "get-able."

I am very very disappointed. The only way I can apparently play now is to buy my own machine someday. If and when I do, I will try to be the most fair claw machine owner around.

I'm not sure where the logic is for the owners to be reinforcing the widely held belief that these games are impossible to win at. Because in this area, they now sort of are.

It's sad that I won't be playing anymore... I can't afford to waste money and WON'T waste money when it is just used to fund a reason for me not to play.

If I ever find one out of town or somewhere random, maybe I would, but in this area... No... No more. =(

Sorry if this seemed like a rant - it honestly isn't. I just don't get making these machines impossible when they already take a bit of skill to win at.

I'm not sure now if I was ever any good at this or if I just got lucky with the machines not being updated until just recently? Oh well, it doesn't really matter now. I won lots of cool stuff, so I am happy, but still. I wish that there was a way to play these machines without all these money-grabbing shenanigans.
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Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:01 pm

I did some research, and found out about some arcades in Ventura.
Golf N Stuff, 5555 Walker St
Ventura Harbor Village Carousel and Arcade, Ventura Harbor Village at 1567 Spinaker Drive
You may have already been to these places, but I thought I would tell you. I have lots of machines where I live, but not many of them are good.

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Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:47 pm

I know exactly what you mean by the claw shaking crazily and being so weak. One machine at a Steak n' Shake near me acts the same way. The fact that it's called a 'Crazy Claw' is no excuse for that lol I hate when they loosen up the claw so badly that you can feel it moves differently. They do that to the machine in my Kmart once in awhile and make it really loose and weak. There's a machine in my mall that I played today that's been changed, too. The grip used to be really weak and now it's super strong as it lowers but then it loosens up as the claw lifts back up. I've heard of those that purposefully grab tight then loosen up to drop the prize as it lifts again. I think that machines should be more fair instead of making it nearly impossible to win. After all, like you said, if it's impossible people will not spend ANY money at all because it'd be a waste. There should always be a chance to win but no chance is not very sporting at all. :(

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Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:33 pm

I have seen an Angry Birds claw machine that used to be really good, then they weakened the claw, then it was even stronger than when I first played it. I won 26 Angry Birds from it in one day once.

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