What is Be The Claw?

Be The Claw website is designed for people of all ages, who enjoy playing skill cranes, a.k.a. The Claw Machine. Skill cranes have been around for many decades and have become the most popular arcade machines all over the world. Be The Claw is a nod to skill crane references in Toy Story and an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, a link to which you can find on our Videos page.

If you're looking for claw machine tips and tricks ...

Then you've gone to the right place. Here you'll find anything and everything related to claw machines. Contrary to popular belief, the ability to win a prize can depend as much on the crane in question as it does on the player. Modern computerized machines have very tricky ways of keeping the prizes inside, so you will benefit from learning how to spot a greedy machine and a lot more!

Do you buy, sell, or trade plush?

Check out our forum, where you can find plush available for sale or trade, offer your own, and read / post feedback for transactions with other claw players.

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2/20/15 - "QuikClipz - v.7 " video added
2/12/15 - "QuikClipz - v.6 " video
2/04/15 - "Gettable or Forgettable" ep.7
1/28/15 - "QuikClipz - v.5" video
1/16/15 - "QuikClipz - v.4" video
12/19/14 - "Skill Crane 144" video
12/05/14 - "Skill Crane 143" video
11/28/13 - "$5 Plush for sale " video
11/20/15 - "Gettable or Forgettable" ep.6


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